Editors Liked

  • Adequate price, Good keyboard with decent travel, big arrows, and a backlight, Capable and relatively quiet cooling solution, The display doesn't flicker at any brightness level (LGD05FE), 144Hz panel has very fast response times (LGD05FE), Covers 91% of
  • Matte IPS display, Full-HD resolution, decent keyboard, high storage capacity
  • Aggressive design with super thin bezels, Stable construction with an aluminum panel, 144 Hz screen with high brightness, contrast and gamut coverage (AUO82ED), The display doesn't harm your eyes – it doesn't use PWM (AUO82ED), Powerful and clear audio sy

Editors Didn't Like

  • Lacks Thunderbolt connectivity, Build quality could have been better
  • Dark display, loud cooling fans, unstable/wobbly lid, heats up quite a lot under load, average battery runtimes
  • Short battery life, Lack of Thunderbolt port