Editors Liked

  • Great touchscreen functionality and reponsiveness, Windows 8 shines with touch, Great battery life, Handsome and simple design, Response keys and trackpad, HP branded applications are welcomed, Great Audio, Affordable, Great for school and other productiv
  • Very silent, Low power consumption, Touchscreen is nice to have, Nice keyboard, Slim chassis
  • High storage capacity, SSD cache, Good application performance, Gaming suitability
  • A good value for $649, Nice 15.6-inch touch screen, Comfortable keyboard

Editors Didn't Like

  • Poor display resolution, Sluggish HDD, No Bluetooth, Display is noticeably darker than desired
  • Short battery life, Low display brightness, Strong blue tint (without calibration), Mediocre speakers, Rather heavy at 2.5 kg, Barely any gaming performance, Low system performance
  • A little heavy, A little slow, A little short on battery life