Editors Liked

  • Light and portable, Fantastic keyboard, Nice screen, Inexpensive, Good I/O, Great battery life
  • The rugged construction and spill-resistant keyboard are nice touches. The handle is an unexpected but nice inclusion for carrying this Chromebook around
  • Light, compact, and inexpensive, Durable design that can withstand spills and drops, Touch screen capability, Good performance
  • Useful handle, Long battery life, Will support Android apps

Editors Didn't Like

  • Fragile-feeling body, Bad webcam, Feels cheap, Flexible keyboard
  • The rotating camera can be a bit tough to rotate, occasionally feels like it isn't the strongest connection
  • Material feels a little chintzy, Rotating webcam is a bit awkward to use, Sound quality is hollow and tinny
  • Distorted sound, Mixed performance