Reviewers Liked

  • Includes 3D hardware; powerful CPU/GPU combo; excellent keyboard and touch pad
  • Solid productivity, graphics performance; attractively priced, considering parts; 3D-capable display
  • Excellent overall performance, Fantastic speakers, Good keyboard and touchpad, Thin and light, Runs cool, 3D is sortakinda cool
  • Quad-core processor. A gamer's delight. Fantastic keyboard and user experience
  • Affordable for 3D notebook, Strong graphics and overall performance, Innovative SlideNav control, Good audio quality, Great webcam

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Polarized eyeglass 3D system isn't very impressive
  • Short battery life; narrow LCD viewing angles; no option for Blu-ray
  • Low screen resolution, Soso build quality, Weird design on back of lid (why?), Covered in glossy plastic, Subthree hour battery life, 3D adds a few hundred over the base Y560
  • Lackluster battery life. 3D screen has poor viewing angles and lacks proper depth. Runs hot from the left side. Tacky design