Editors Liked

  • Elegant metal casing, Flexible and stable hinges, Decent speakers, Very good input devices, High performance, Screen lightly AR coated, Useful battery life, Suitable for basic gaming
  • Excellent touch display, Slick keyboard raising mechanism in tablet mode, Great keyboard, Solid build quality, Long battery life
  • Flexible multimode design. Sturdy ruggedized chassis. Full HD display with 10-finger touch
  • Excellent build quality, Flush keyboard surface in tablet mode, Beautiful display, Great keyboard
  • Rich 1080p display, Strong graphics performance, Durable, flexible design, Comfortable, responsive keyboard
  • Clean and sufficiently bright 1080p IPS touchscreen display, Attractive Magnesium alloy chassis, GT 840M GPU adequate for gaming, Large touchpad, Full system performance on batteries, Accurate colors outofthebox, 42 mm M.2 slot for additional storage, One
  • Lovely full HD display, NVIDIA GT 840M dedicated graphics, upgradeable internals, great keyboard, sturdy

Editors Didn't Like

  • No security features, Casing too pressure sensitive in some places, Relatively heavy, Quite expensive, TrackPoint keys too smoothrunning
  • Heavy for an Ultrabook, Slow hard drive bottlenecks performance, Only one configuration offered
  • Middling performance. No stylus offered. Battery life is a bit short
  • Too heavy for tablet mode, Not configurable, No SSD
  • Subpar battery life, Chassis a bit big for modeswitching
  • Maintenance panel difficult to remove, Moderate backlight bleeding, Outdoor use difficult due to glossy display, Not as rigid as a traditional ThinkPad, Rear of unit can become very warm, No stylus or VGA adapters included, SSD cache still much slower tha
  • Those who prefer sexy, skinny 2in1 and Ultrabook designs will find the Yoga dull looking