Editors Liked

  • Excellent matte 1080p panel, sRGB coverage of up to 97 percent, thin and attractive design, up to 2x 4K external monitor support, great performance from CPU and GPU; No throttling issues, relatively low core temperatures, good sound quality
  • More power efficient Broadwell I75700HQ CPU, Good 1080p IPS display, Good gaming performance with Broadwell I7 and the GTX 950M GDDR5, though not the fastest, Backlit Keyboard is relatively good and comfortable with good spacing, keys feedback, nice textu

Editors Didn't Like

  • High fan noise, very poor battery life, unimpressive build quality, no TrackPoint or dedicated mouse keys, no SIM, fingerprint or ExpressCard reader, higher surface temperatures, motherboard components (SODIMM, M.2) are more difficult to access
  • Build quality is average. Not a con by itself, but I'm trying to negate the "prestige" marketing, Bad touchpad positioning/implementation results in annoying typing experience as the left hand touches the pad, CPU might hit 96C under full load (Prime95 Fu