Reviewers Liked

  • Full-size HDMI port, Decent price, Large hard drive, 32GB SSD is larger than rivals, Aluminum and Magnesium construction, 7 hour battery life
  • The Sony Vaio T13 Touch gives you the convenience of a full-size keyboard and touch pad with a responsive touch screen for experiencing the Windows 8-style interface. It has very good performance for its class and excellent battery life
  • Affordable price for an ultrabook, Hybrid hard drive/solid-state technology, Sharp design, Good port selection
  • Sleek modern design; Solid performance and graphics; Accurate touchpad; Fast boot and wake from sleep times;
  • Swift performance, Ample storage

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only 30-day subscription to Internet Security, A few bloatware icons on desktop, Slower than systems with non-hybrid SSD, Heavier than rivals, No keyboard backlight, Fan is a little obtrusive
  • The T13 Touch doesn't have a backlit keyboard and it's on the heavy side (if you consider 4 pounds heavy). The screen doesn't go fully flat and its hinges aren't stiff enough to handle writing or drawing well
  • Needs more USB ports. As usual, bundled Sony software overwhelms even simple tasks. Washed out color on dim LCD
  • Mediocre keyboard and Webcam, Sealed-in battery
  • Shorter battery life than other Ultrabooks; Reflective display; Keyboard not backlit;
  • Half a pound overweight, No WiDi