Editors Liked

  • Nvidia 3D Vision display and glasses, Good general performance, Affordable price for 3D
  • Great 3D image quality, Decent performance, Discrete graphics, 3D Blu-ray player
  • Fingerprint repellent, Backlit keyboard and trackpad, Decent performance
  • Excellent productivity performance, Attractive design
  • Big harddrive. Some amazing gaming performance for a relative budget machine. The price is certainly right
  • Newest Intel Core i5 processor, USB 3,0, Sleep and charge, and sleep and listen functionality

Editors Didn't Like

  • Not enough power for serious 3D gaming, Weak battery life, Unimpressive build quality at this price range
  • Short battery life, 3D requires clunky glasses, Mediocre selection of ports, Some crosstalk artifacts
  • Plastic construction
  • Poor battery life, Unimpressive gaming capabilities, Inconvenient mouse buttons
  • Battery life is low for the category, Laptop looks cheap; lots of annoyingly bright LEDs
  • Cheap build, with lots of unfinished elements. Horrible keyboard. Extremely dim screen. Major concerns about battery capacity and reliability
  • Integrated graphics, Limited wireless options, Cheap design