Editors Liked

  • Bestinclass performance in a tablet system – it even boots up in record time. Detachable keyboard is clever and works really well (as long as you aren't in airplane mode). Ethernet, bitches!
  • Beautiful display, Responsive stylus, Wireless RF keyboard, Numerous ports
  • Vivid display, Responsive stylus, RF wireless keyboard, Plentiful ports
  • Most powerful tablet computer you can buy Excellent craftsmanship Fantastic display quality Surprisingly good battery life
  • Highpowered performance, stunning display, touch input, overall craftsmanship
  • The Vaio Z Canvas offers the performance of a 15inch MacBook Pro in a 12inch Windows 10 tablet, with a unique design that makes it suitable as a mobile workstation
  • Gorgeous highres display, Wobblefree kickstand, Precise stylus
  • Insanely powerful for a tablet, excellent integrated stand, stunning wide color gamut display. Plenty of ports. Runs cool and quiet

Editors Didn't Like

  • Battery life is simply unacceptable for a tablet. Dim screen won't thrill any creative I know. Price tag has Elon Musk nodding in silent approval
  • High cost, Fast draining battery, Mediocre speaker performance, No USB TypeC ports
  • Expensive, Short battery life, Low speaker volume, No USB TypeC ports
  • Tough sell even for specific cases Thick, heavy, and generally unusable as a traditional tablet Surface Pro 4 is more practical buy
  • Price, weight, fan noise
  • Vaio's included stylus isn't as responsive as those on competing tablets. It's pretty pricey for a PC
  • Expensive, Laptop mode strictly for desks or tables, not laps, Slight pen latency
  • This sort of tech is expensive. CPU is Haswell generation. Too heavy as a tablet for some