Reviewers Liked

  • BlueTrack sensor allows mousing on almost any surface
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design allows for hours of continuous use without discomfort
  • BlueTrack technology allows this mouse to work fine on just about any surface
  • Battery indicator warns you when battery is low
  • Ergonomic, functional shape
  • Rubberized sections for good grip
  • Made for portability
  • Smooth and expensive feeling scroll wheel with no clicking detents
  • Great range (up to 30 ft.)

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No support for lefties
  • No "off" switch to save battery life
  • Transceiver is longer than desired and can break easily
  • It would be better if the transceiver was just as small as the one on the Microsoft Arc mouse
  • Chrome and upper portions of the mouse are easily prone to scratches
  • Tracks poorly on frosted glass desks and glossy surfaces
  • Expensive