Editors Liked

  • Up to 2000 DPI Sensitivity, Three PreSet on the fly DPI Adjustment, Gold Plated USB Connector, Good button placement, Lightweight, Nothing like pulling a trigger in sniper mode and watching your enemy drop to their knees
  • Good Tracking/Accuracy, Button Customization, Quick DPI change, Comfortable, Fun
  • Unique looking, Lightweight, Performs well, Five programmable buttons, Adjustable DPI with illuminated scroll wheel
  • Increased horizontal accuracy seemed to help in shooters. Multiple profiles and mousewheel placed in unique location by thumb

Editors Didn't Like

  • Handle could be an inch taller, Large playing surface needed
  • Not for hardcore gaming, Not a big boost to gameplay
  • Takes time to get used to, Not ideal for everyday PC applications, Expensive
  • Too small for most people to use. Gain horizontal control at the expense of vertical movement. Poor documentation