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What we have to do here is look at what we are getting for our money. Basically what we are getting is a top of the range 2560×1440 IPS LED back-lit panel on a stand! That's the best way to describe it. We cannot moan about the lack of anything...

By pcGameware UK on

Our original attraction to Hazro's monitors stemmed from its price and seemingly comparable performance to Apple's own 27-inch display. Happily, it turns out our attraction was well-placed, and we can highly recommend to those of you who can't afford...

By Wired UK on

IPS panels have great viewing angles, excellent contrast and a wider colour gamut than traditional TN panels, and the stripped-down HZ27WC is a great entry-level IPS display...

By Expert Reviews on

It has the panel of a top-end 27in monitor, but wrapped in a budget package. An absolute steal at this...

By PC Pro on

When it comes to LCD computer monitors, bigger isn't always better. Often, you don't get any extra pixels. Not so with Hazro's HZ27WA. At 27 inches, it's much bigger than your average HD screen. Crucially, however, it also packs a lot more pixels.For...

By TechRadar on

Our chief criticism of the HZ27WA is the same we’d level at, for example, Apple’s current MacBook and iMac ranges; but if you can work through the reflections of this gloss panel, you’ll find a very high-quality image on this 27in monitor, with a...

By PC Advisor on

A glass-fronted, 27in IPS monitor with a stunning 2,560 x 1,440 resolution for just under £400 seems almost too good to be true. But while it's not without its flaws and the odd cut corner, that is exactly what Hazro provides. If you can live with the...

By Trusted Reviews on

Having to admit I didn’t particularly like the display at first due to its picky attitude, I failed to dislike it after a few weeks of usage. The 2560 by 1440 illuminated pixies behind the glass of this Hazro HZ27WC create a vivid showcase that’ll...

By Akihabara News on

Nach dem Shimian QH270 testen wir mit dem Hazro HZ27WC einen optischen Klon. Nach unbestätigten Meinungen in diversen einschlägigen Foren, ist der Hazro eine umgelabelte Version des Shimian für den europäischen Markt, welches die identische Optik...

International Review By Prad on

Hazro HZ27WC im Test (7) [Quelle: siehe Bildergalerie] Das Hazro HZ27WC wird in Deutschland von Mediafrost.de und Caseking für rund 500 Euro verkauft, damit ist das 27-Zoll-LCD mit der Auflösung 2.560 x 1.440 etwa 500 bis teilweise 1.000 Euro...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on