Editors Liked

  • Great acting, Good concept
  • Absolutely hilarious dialogue that actually had me laughing out loud, delivered with fantastic voice, A fun system that integrates the consumption of “Hellcohol”, Night School's take on Hell is extremely clever and well fleshed out
  • Fun story, Some hard hitting decisions, Nice art style, Fantastic voice acting
  • Milo and Lola are worryingly relatable, Hell is a fantastic place, The story is really engaging, The comedy is actually funny

Editors Didn't Like

  • Terrible technical performance, Illusion of choice is extremely thin, Central gimmick doesn't matter
  • The game has some optimization issues and will on rare occasions cause you to have to reload
  • Some dialog options were a little misleading, Some technical issues that brought the game to a halt
  • A few glitches, You end up wishing there was more to explore