Reviewers Liked

  • Absolutely hilarious dialogue that actually had me laughing out loud, delivered with fantastic voice, A fun system that integrates the consumption of “Hellcohol”, Night School's take on Hell is extremely clever and well fleshed out
  • Hell is a rich locale that mixes the banal and arcane to great effect, Delves into more intimate topics with nuance, Loose, flowing conversations that are natural and lively, Great voice cast that makes characters relatable and fleshed out
  • Fun story, Some hard hitting decisions, Nice art style, Fantastic voice acting
  • Milo and Lola are worryingly relatable, Hell is a fantastic place, The story is really engaging, The comedy is actually funny

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Terrible technical performance, Illusion of choice is extremely thin, Central gimmick doesn't matter
  • The game has some optimization issues and will on rare occasions cause you to have to reload
  • Main plot suffers from a simple setup that lacks strong narrative beats, Drinking to alter conversations is an underdeveloped mechanic, Speed of conversations means sometimes skipping out on dialogue, even accidentally
  • Some dialog options were a little misleading, Some technical issues that brought the game to a halt
  • A few glitches, You end up wishing there was more to explore