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Playing Alpha Protocol is like putting together a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces missing: You get a sense of what the big picture should have been, but the final product is still maddeningly incomplete. This intriguing role-playing game...

By cnet on

There are probably a lot worse ways you could spend 20 bones if you’re a big fan of the first person shooter genre, especially if you’re looking for a single-player game that can give you a decent challenge for a few hours. Alpha Prime takes...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on
69 | Digg This | Glink It The first-person shooter genre certainly seems to be bursting at the seams with AAA games that push the FPS genre forward. Practically every year a new game comes out that becomes the standard bearer for all...

By GameZone on

The best part of Alpha Prime is probably its attempt to tell a story. From the introductory paragraph in the skinny game manual to the game engine driven cut scenes, this game takes the plot seriously. However, the story itself is fairly routine and...

By Strategy Informer on

Meridian 4 Ill start off by saying that this is a decent game. Nothing particularly innovative or ground-breaking, but its well put together overall. The graphics are nice, and the engine is extremely well optimized-- I have only a Radeon X800...

By Gameplay Monthly on