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Set in the 19th Century, Aviary Attorney is a game very much influenced by the longstanding, more modernday, Phoenix Wright series. If this game piques your interest there is a good chance youve spent some solid time in the past sleuthing away the hours...

By DarkZero on

To make my closing remarks, your honour, Aviary Attorney is a delightful game. I would have liked to tackle just one more case before the story really began to gather momentum, but that's mainly due to the world of JayJay Falcon being so much fun to inhabit. Wonderfully stylish and delightfully silly, it's probably the best game about a bird with a law degree you'll play this year.

By EuroGamer on

More rich quail rather than plump-breasted pheasant, but still a rare and satisfying bird.

By PC Gamer on

The core storyline is endearing enough, but it ties up too quickly as is so common of crowdfunded games. Of course, then there’s the issue of the product simply being unfinished, but not releasing as an Early Access title. Despite the holidays, Sketchy Logic put out one patch incredibly quickly, but it’s safe to say my experience playing Aviary Attorney simply didn’t set my heart aflutter. Instead, it might just have broken it.

By HardcoreGamer on

As much as the Ace Attorney games thrive on exaggerated mannerisms and courtroom repartee, they are mysteries first, captivating in their suspense and puzzle construction. Aviary Attorney takes cues from this standard of scouring crime scenes for clues,...

By GameZone on