Carrier Command: Gaea Mission



Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

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Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 59

This much belated franchise-resurrection trips in execution due to unit pathfinding issues and the lack of...

By GameZone on 30

Strategy games, though few and far between in comparison to military shooters and role-playing games, have always been beloved by the gaming community. When crafted carefully, with a thrilling story, strategy games can be enthralling, introducing you to...

By Strategy Informer on 55

The strategy parts of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission are solid, and there is something good hidden beneath the surface if you're patient enough to put up with the many flaws that you'll trudge through in getting to that hidden potential. Dodgy AI, a...

By PC Authority on

Talk about stressful waiting games… the horror started back in 1988 when the original Carrier Command came out. It was so damn good that the wait began for what surely must be a sequel. That didn't happen! Then a decade and a half later, work on an...

International Review By on 60

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission hat das Potential zu einem echten Knaller. Doch nach einiger Spielzeit entpuppt sich das Game als unfertiges „Irgendwas“. Eine kaum vorhandene KI gepaart mit einem kaum vorhandenen Wegefindungssystem, dazu die altbackene...

International Review By ComputerBase on

In beiden Fällen gilt aber: Glücklicherweise gibt es eine Demo, die jeder Spielefreund auf jeden Fall ausprobieren sollte.Kopier- & JugendschutzBohemia setzt für „Carrier Command: Gaea Mission“ auf den Kopierschutz Solidshield aus dem Hause Tages. Dabei...