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By Gaming Nexus on 65

Catlateral Damage is the story of a cat. A cat whose only purpose is to wreck the place. It's an endearing tale; a tale as old as time, really. I bet even the Ancient Egyptians were all like, “Look, kitty, we built you this nice temple and—oh great, now...

By HardcoreGamer on 70

Overall Catlateral Damage is a simple but fun game. Random events and the procedurally generated levels do help keep the experience fresh, as do the collectible cat photos. The easy to pick up gameplay makes this a title that can appeal to anyone.

By Diehard GameFAN on

When Catlateral Damage showed up in the staff forums, I immediately loaded the trailer to see what it was about before taking the plunge.Immediately, my boyfriend asked me, “…Are you about to review a game where you pretend to be a cat and knock crap...

By on

Platform: PCA cursory look at Catlateral Damage makes it quite clear that indie developer Chris Chung, who developed and published the game with the help of Fire Hose Games, wanted to create a very different sort of first-person experience. After only a...