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By Gaming Nexus on 80

I, like many other people near my age, grew up watching the Power Rangers. The show, in its various incarnations, spanned more than a decade, but despite recent studio attempts to make it relevant again, it will always be trapped in time, gloriously...

By Polygon on 75

But frankly it’s hard to be too critical of Chroma Squad’s faults. The whole thing is just so darn sweet and well-intentioned that its failings are less like roadblocks and more a nagging sense that this lovely, joyful thing should have been just a bit more consistently delightful than it is.

By GameInformer on 70

Chroma Squad is an overall enjoyable experience that runs on nostalgia, but falls short of becoming everything it could have been. Though the progression system comes to a screeching halt during the latter portions and gameplay repetition can lead to tedium, I still found enjoyment throughout the lengthy story.

By Games Radar on 70

A charming and entertaining RPG based around a fun concept. It may lack variety and staying power, but you'll enjoy your time in its colourful, pixellated...

By Diehard GameFAN on

If you were a kid growing up in the nineties, chances are you watched an episode of Power Rangers or two. Chances are also that you pretended to be said costumed heroes on more than one occasion. If you then went to find video game versions of the...

International Review By on 85

Behold Studios, el estudio indie brasilero conocido por su fantástica labor en Knights of Pen and Paper, nos traen un original RPG táctico (SRPG) combinado con la simulación de un estudio de televisión, protagonizando a un grupo de actores que deciden...

International Review By on 81

A Behold Studios nunca escondeu que Chroma Squad é uma obra feita de fãs para fãs, com as vantagens e desvantagens que isso traz. A intenção do jogo, principalmente, é agradar os entusiastas das antigas séries de Super Sentai e ele faz isso com...