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Expert reviews and ratings

By GameZone on 70

It is said that all great towns start from a dirt road. Cities XL 2011 thrives on the simple mechanic of starting from nothing, and building that up into something. Ditching any form of missions or objectives, you’re simply tasked with creating a...

By Strategy Informer on 75

I felt sorry for Cities XL. It wasn't that it was a bad game, it's just that it lacked a soul. But technically it was very sound, and as city-building sims go it was probably one of the more in-depth to come along since Maxis stopped doing SimCity....

By PC Gamer on 71

A complex and wellbalanced sim that’s troubled by a severe lack of long-term objectives and dearth of...

By on 70

Cities XL 2011 is a solid—not stellar—city building game. It goes out of its way to help you learn the complexities of the city building genre and presents a near-encyclopedic range of tools to create your own dream cities. In addition to this, it...

By ImpulseGamer on 79

Cities XL was reminiscent of the awesome Sid Meier's game Sim City, however it was a lot more realistic and it that took micro management to another level as the player was turned into virtual mayor. This was not an arcade city builder but something...

International Review By BitCity on 74

CitiesXL 2011 rientra nella categoria dei titoli "gestionali", dove è richiesta una buona abilità nelle attività di controllo e modifica di un determinato ambiente. A seconda della variante è infatti necessario costruire e far crescere determinate...

International Review By on 66

Schwimmbäder einweihen und das Haushaltsloch stopfen: All das prasselt auf euch als Bürgermeister ein....

International Review By GamerLobby on 72

Cities XL 2011 ist quasi Cities XL. Viel Mühe hat sich Focus Home nicht gegeben um dem Spiel neue Elemente zu verpassen. Beim ersten Spieleinstieg ist man schnell überfordert und muss einiges an Einarbeitungszeit und Lesefreudigkeit mitbringen....

International Review By OnlineWelten on 86

Cities XL entfaltet seine unglaubliche Spieltiefe bereits nach zwei bis drei Stunden Spielzeit. Die Stadt ist miteinander verwoben und ein unglaublich wackeliges Gebilde, wer nicht höllisch aufpasst und ausgewogen und planerisch vorgeht, steht...