Reviewers Liked

  • Marvelous art direction and wonderful environments, Some effective jump scares and tense sequences, The story is good for awhile
  • Incredibly atmospheric with a strong use of tension, Looks downright fantastic, with an excellent amount of detail throughout, Strong cast of characters backed by mostly good dialogue and great voice acting, Simple but effective jump scares specifically b
  • Incredible graphics, Great use of historical characters, Designed for casual gamers
  • Beautiful detail in the world, Great use of jumpscares, and a constant sense of dread, It's gorgeous

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Aliasing, object and texture popin, Chase sequences framerate issues = frustration, Story eventually gives way to handwavey nonsense, The framerate shouldn't plunge while walking through a room
  • A number of story elements are left unanswered, too quickly run through or skipped over, Chase sequences are tiresome, with issues from the game not detecting your commands, Very limited replay value
  • Lacks replay value, Sound level issues, Overly dark in places
  • Despite some nice touches, story ultimately falls flat, Chase sequences are frustrating