Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies



Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies

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Expert reviews and ratings

By PCPowerPlay AU on 90

An excellent expansion for an already excellent...

By Good Gear Guide on 70

Even with the absence of a new single player campaign, Western Front Armies does a good job of expanding the Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer...

By New Game Network on 82

The addition of the US and OKW armies pump fresh blood into the already enjoyable multiplayer of this outstanding WWII...

By PCGamer on 80

I’d say that $13 for a single army is too much, but since a new player can get access to the online servers, all other players, and all 31 of CoH2’s maps for a quarter the cost of the full game, I’m inclined to call that a bargain instead of a fleecing. For long-running COH2 fans who already have access to all of that content, though, $20 for two new armies and a handful of maps is a bit steep.

By PC Gamer on 80

A shot of adrenaline for the year-old game, these new armies bring the best parts of Company of Heroes into the upgraded Company of Heroes 2...

By on 80

Completely surrounded, with German tanks pressing their advantage against the last of my bazooka-wielding riflemen, I figured I'd lost. I was seconds from defeat. Then I saw an opening: a narrow path that looked relatively unguarded. So I used a few...

By CriticalHit on 80

There is no doubt that this expansion offers some great value to newcomers, offering them the whole Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer component for as little as $19. For those who already own the game, the new factions and maps will offer differentiation,...

International Review By on

Jochen Redinger: Company of Heroes 2 ist ein tolles Strategiespiel, konnte mich aber wegen der Fokussierung auf die Ostfront nicht lange begeistern. The Western Front Armies hat mich dank westlicher Kriegsparteien wieder aufs Schlachtfeld gelockt und...

International Review By on

FronterweiterungInsgesamt ergänzt The Western Front Armies den Multiplayer-Modus von Company of Heroes 2 um zwei Fraktionen: Die US-Streitkräfte und das deutsche Oberkommando West. Ihr könnt dann zwar durchaus auch im Multiplayer mit dem Oberkommando...