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By DarkZero on 70

Horror-themed titles are a dime a dozen in any media, which is why any notable entry that isn't given immediate widespread recognition (from Resident Evil for videogames, The Exorcist for movies, the many works of Stephen King for novels, and so on)...

By GamingShogun on 60

Corpse Party is a great retro-style Japanese role playing game story that is almost completely ruined by the game play.  I love the story, the atmosphere, and the tension that Corpse Party delivers to the player, but the game play is one that almost...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

Corpse Party’s Steam port holds up especially well for a five year old game. For those who have completed the game on the PSP or DS, certain scenes are retooled and some bonus content is included to add some incentive to check out the new version. This is a title that is especially recommended for horror fans that want a game that uses a more psychological approach to creating tension and dread.

By Gaming Nexus on 85

Remember when you were younger how you and your friends would sit around and tell ghost stories? Now imagine if after that you somehow took part in some sort of weird ritual and the next thing you know you all get separated in some sort of abandoned...

By CGM on 70

Corpse Party is by no means bad, but a lack of polish and weird shifts in tone kept it from being something really...

By on

Happy Halloween! What's a better way to spend the most frightful day of the year than watching Japanese children get murdered and ripped to shreds by vengeful spirits?Umm… eating candy? Yeah, I'd rather do that.Corpse Party isn't really what I'm into....