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Defenders of Ardania

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A clever take on traditional tower defence, but little real...

By PCPowerPlay AU on

A different take on tower defence, but one that needed more thought before being released on an unsuspecting...

By PC Gamer on

In the gaming universe, evolution doesn’t always proceed from simple to complex: sometimes we like to think of the history of gaming as starting with the basic block shapes of Pong and Breakout before slowly progressing to the more complex joys of...

By New Game Network on

ReplayMost people will be so irritated at the game that replayability is not a valid...

By Gamers Daily News on

Defenders of Ardania tries to do the right thing, but good intentions can't save it from being a boring and frustrating click-marathon that applies the brakes in all the wrong places....

By PC Advisor on

Your tutorial in Defenders of Ardania is given by someone doing their best Sean Connery impersonation, mildly amusing at first, grating and irresponsible design at the worst. Tiresome suits it too, Ardania's cheap, dime novel fantasy realm fitted...

By Blogcritics on

There’s something to be said for slow-burn strategy games that require precise tweaks and purchases to gain the edge in battle. Unfortunately, Defenders of Ardania lacks these nuances and insists on wasting the player’s time with needless limitations...

By on

Thanks to Plants Vs. Zombies, the tower defense genre is enjoying quite a bit of popularity right now. Paradox Interactive, best known for its Majesty series of real-time strategy games, has created its own spin on tower defense in Defenders of...

By Cheat Code Central on

When a game that lives on Steam, the premium online service for PC gamers, and the multiplayer is absolutely broken, there’s the anticipation that if such a basic thing could be so badly fumbled, that the rest of the game will be a dog’s breakfast...

By Armchair Empire on

At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking this is 'just another tower defence title'; after all, it features towers to block and defend against incoming attackers. However, Defenders of Ardania is a tower wars game, a genre derived from Tower...

By NZGamer on