Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition




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By Gaming Nexus on 90

To appreciate Divinity: Original Sin, I thought about chess. Actually, I thought about losing at chess: how often losing happens, how personal losing feels, how I'm ready to set up all the pieces or flip the board right off the table after each game. It...

By HardcoreGamer on 90

Perhaps the best compliment that one could pay Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is that it is absolutely Divinity: Original Sin in every sense of the name. Sure, it is probably a better idea, given the option, to play this insanely deep RPG with a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller, but those without a gaming rig will be able to get the full experience without losing anything.

International Review By Gamers on 85

Als alter Action-Enthusiast habe ich mich nicht nur leicht erschlagen gefühlt durch die unfassbar vielen Möglichkeiten, sondern habe auch im ersten Moment die Dynamik und Action vermisst. Der Eindruck wurde auch auf den zweiten Blick nicht besser, aber...

International Review By hdblog.it on 90

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition è forse in grado di superare la qualità della versione originale del gioco grazie alla presenza di una serie di feature di altissimo livello. Siamo infatti al cospetto di un prodotto incredibile, in grado...

International Review By xgn.nl on 90

Vroeger was alles beter, het is zo'n uitspraak die dikwijls naar jouw hoofd gesmeten wordt. In zekere zin doet Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition hier gezellig aan mee. Vergeet de moderne role-playing game en stap in de wereld van nostalgie. Een...

International Review By in.ign.com on 90

If you want the RPG with the most skills, the most stats to consider, and a world that constantly makes meaningful use of every line on your character sheet, there's nothing else quite like Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. You can find RPGs that...

International Review By eurogamer.de on

Der Sprung auf die Konsolen nimmt Original Sin nichts von seiner Komplexität und wertet es mit Couch-Koop fantastisch...

International Review By criticalhit.net on

Though I didn't play it myself, I heard a ton of positive stuff regarding Divinity: Original Sin, from friends and random people alike following its release last year. The game provided a solid, challenging RPG experience, one that everybody seemed to...