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Europa Universalis: Divine Wind

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By Game Chronicles Magazine on 55

Paradox Interactive’s Europa Universalis III is one of those games that just keeps coming. With four expansions to its name, it lets players step into world history at almost any point between the dawn of the renaissance and the beginning of the...

By GameZone on 50

Paradox, the masters of grand strategy games have decided to revitalize their 2007 game, Europa Universalis 3, with the Divine Wind expansion in response to their massive fan following and pleads for gameplay tweaks. Though there is little doubt that...

By Gaming Nexus on 62

There is something in a name. Superman is obviously a good guy and Painmaster McKillface is a bad guy. Darth Maul's mother never figured her son would grow up to be the head of the Jedi. The same thing is true for “Europa Universalis”...

By Strategy Informer on 80

Europa Universalis III is the strategy game that simply won't die. Since 2007 it's offered you the chance to take a single nation through 1399 to 1820 and the three expansion packs have widened the detail and scope of the original game...

By Fusion Mods on

Europa Universalis: Divine WindAuthor: T_H_Schafer -- Posted: 2010-12-26 No other RTS really holds a candle to the kind of authenticity offered in Europa Universalis. You can pick literally any nation from 1399 to 1820 to play as. The map of the world...