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Expert reviews and ratings

By in.ign.com on 70

Fable Fortune has some novel ideas that put a new spin on gameplay that's familiar to CCG fans. Its good/evil upgrade system shows a lot of potential, though its selection of cards needs to grow into it before it can really pay off. Overall, compared to...

By CGM on 55

Once upon a time in an era not too long ago, digital collectible card games were the new MOBA, before Battle Royale became the current MOBA stand-in. That is to say, developers chased the almighty dollar trying to get in on a genre that's inherently...

By ign.com on 70

When I think about Fable, I think about choosing between good and evil in a whimsical world full of base but charming humour. I think about combat with Hobbes, Hollow Men, Bandits, Balverines and sometimes well-intentioned guards. I think about faithful...

By Destructoid on 45

Has some high points, but they soon give way to glaring faults. Not the worst, but difficult to recommend.How we score:  The destructoid reviews...

International Review By nrsgamers.it on 68

Quando penso a cos'era Fable una decina d'anni fa, ai tempi della prima Xbox, e poi a cos'è adesso, non nego che mi salga un po' la depressione. Molyneux sarà pure un mezzo cialtrone ma i primi due capitoli del franchise erano degli action GDR di tutto...

International Review By eurogamer.de on

Fesselndes Fable-Sammelkartenspiel. Innoviert das Genre zwar nicht, macht aber aufgrund der vielen taktischen Möglichkeiten doch...