Fallout 3: Point Lookout



Fallout 3: Point Lookout

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Game Observer on 83

All in all, it’s a decent treasury for people who have completed the original and need those additional XPs to reach renewed level heights (there are three new perks available, so that’s quite possible), meet new characters and freshen the...

By BrightHub on 80

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By AtomicGamer on 85

Bethesdas fourth DLC pack for Fallout 3 is called Point Lookout, and like its three siblings, this pack is full of new adventures for your intrepid explorer from Vault 101 to experience. It starts with a steamboat ride down the Potomac River to...

By Gamervision on 85

I’ve been devouring Bethesda’s expansions for Fallout 3. With each and every addition to the original content, my connection to the world of the Capital Wasteland grew stronger. While “Operation Anchorage” and “The...

By VideoGamer on 80

Dialogue is better than the standard Fallout fare, Main quest has plenty of great moments, Offers a new landscape to explore, The ultratough rednecks are a little bit...

By Cheat Code Central on 86

Given the absurd amount of time we’ve already spent winding through the numerous radiation-scorched nooks and crannies found throughout the dismal world of Fallout 3, it’s hard to believe the grim realities of post-apocalyptic living...

By Maximum PC on

Last time on Fallout 3 DLC theater, the Enclave went out with a suitably climactic bang, and next time, you’re showing aliens why they abducted the wrong armed-to-the-teeth Wastelander. And right now? A swamp. Put up against Broken Steel and...

International Review By GamingXP on 85

Tja, im Großen und Ganzen zufrieden mit „Point Lookout“, will ich an dieser Stelle allerdings auch ein wenig Kritik anbringen. Wenn Sie die vorhergehenden Erweiterungen nicht Ihr Eigen nennen können, werden Sie weiter auf Level 20...

International Review By Zeitgeist Game Review on

As far as environments go, I enjoy that Point Lookout gave me something a bit different to look at, but it’s so dark and dreary that it just kept me in a foul mood. I wish I would have had the PC version of the title so I could mod this bad boy up...