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By on 90

The Wii was not a great console for sports games. While some would argue with that statement, it’s hard to deny that other consoles had a significant lead in quality sports titles, especially when it came to the aspect of simulation.FIFA 13 is one of...

By PC Gamer on 86

A still excellent football game that has been overburdened by features and is hungry for some real...

By on 90

So FIFA 13 is a refinement of a winning formula rather than an entirely new equation. While the gameplay changes are more subtle, they really consolidate upon the success and innovation of FIFA 12.

By on 91

FIFA 12 was meant to be the biggie: better collisions, tactical defending and precision dribbling. This year's FIFA 13 was meant to be a tiptoe in the same direction, a microscopic variation on a theme. And it is, apart from one small change - first touch control. It's key.

By Tech Digest on 100

Name: Genre: Platform: I like a good kick-about, but I'm no Messi. Jumpers for goalposts and a muddy field are about as close to Wembley as I'm likely ever to get, but that hasn't stopped me from cherishing a few proud footballing moments of my own....

By HardwareHeaven on 94

FIFA 13 is a strong addition to the franchise from EA. While not a quantum leap from last year's FIFA 12 this year's version refines the experience with a deft touch. FIFA 13 feels more realistic and more unpredictable. The addition of the 1st touch...

By Pocket-lint on 90

A great game and, for FIFA fans, a likely addition to the...

By Trusted Reviews on 90

Nobody could argue that FIFA 13 isn't a radical improvement on FIFA 12, but it's the perfect example of how an evolutionary approach, with dozens of often minor enhancements stacking up, can make a great game even greater. Some enhancements are marginal...

By on 90

PES 2013 legt vor, FIFA 13 will nachziehen - und schafft das auch spielerisch. Wer welche Fußball-Simulation vorzieht, hängt nun nicht mehr von deutlichen Unterschieden im Gameplay ab, denn beide Spiele sind hier gleichauf und unterscheiden sich nur noch in Details und Nuancen.

By Cheat Code Central on 82

It's that time of year again. The change in seasons brings with it experiences old and new. The leaves are turning, children are returning to school, and this year's newest offerings from our favorite game publishers are hitting the shelves....

By T3 Magazine on 80

FIFA 13 isn't a gigantic step on from FIFA 12 . It looks more polished, its Career Mode is deeper and, as is the case every year, once you sink a couple of hours into it returning to last year's iteration is unthinkable. But it lacks any jaw dropping...

By GameZone on

The jockeying back and forth every year for the title of 'Best Sports Game' seems to always come down to the NBA 2K series and EA Sports' FIFA series. Soccer is the world's sport for a reason, and the FIFA series offers a ton of option every year....

By on

While the Fifa franchise is refreshed annually with marginal changes, the wealth of content is hard to discredit. Considering we're all likely to play our beloved footie game through most of the 12 months that follow release, its value can't be beaten....

By PC Gamer on 86

It offers a better game of football than its predecessor. But is it better enough?