Reviewers Liked

  • Fantastic graphics Refreshing take on third-person shooter gameplay Excellent multiplayer options
  • Very stable port, Looks beyond brilliant, Great online play, Co-op still rocks
  • Unrelenting action; challenging gameplay; amazing visuals; PCexclusive content
  • Fantastic stop-and-pop combat; improved graphics over the 360 version; excellent new single-player content
  • Satisfying gameplay in story mode, Very addictive online offering, Really stellar graphics from both a technical and an artistic standpoint, Fullyfeatured level editor included

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The storyline is a bit ‘heard it all before’ Some players may experience an early technical glitch
  • Save games glitch messes up single player campaign
  • No jumping; no splitscreen coop; LIVE membership fees
  • Battles can feel a little repetitive after a while
  • System requirements can be a little steep, New chapters added to this version dont fit quite so well with the old ones, Difficulty could have used some slight tuning