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Expert reviews and ratings

By IGN Gear on 85

SimBin has become one of the premier developers of racing games since the studio was founded just five years ago. The studios GTR and RACE series haven proven to be great games year in and year out, and its latest, an expansion to RACE 07 titled GTR...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 88

Entering a solid score for a great race simulator is GTR Evolution with its 49 different cars in 12 classes you can participate on 20 tracks for a racers dream. GTR Evolution is a great race game on all those smooth miles of track with extremely...

By BrightHub on 100

A review of the recently released sports car game. The secret behind GTR: Evolution is that the game is nothing but an expansion to the famous WTCC racing simulator. It gives us the opportunity to try some new cars, an improved driving system, and to...

By VideoGamer on 80

The amazing Nordschleife circuit, Almost perfect driving physics, Superb track and car modelling, A few graphical...

By Games Radar on 80

Ignore the name. GTR Evolution is a standalone expansion pack for Race 07, with new cars, new tracks and SimBin’s first arcade mode. Arcade mode means you no longer have to fart about qualifying, nor waste time buried in a tire wall trying to work...

By GamePyre on 76

I’m not too good with math and physics and engineering, but I can almost guarantee it that you’ll get a lot more miles out of GTR Evolution than you would out of your car for the same twenty dollars. No, this is not the perfect racing game;...

By Gaming Nexus on 92

Every now and then, a product comes along with a name that perfectly defines what you, as the potential purchaser, can expect from the product. Viva Media and SimBin Studios have released just such a product in GTR Evolution. GTR-E is exactly what it...

By GameZone on 90

GTR Evolution is a fine addition to SimBin’s repertoire of driving sims, offering some great features and unrivaled tracks for fans of authentic racing...

By 1Up on 75

Deep in the World Wide Interweb exists a riveting head-to-head video showdown pertinent to any critique of SimBin's latest racing-simulation opus, GTR Evolution. In the center of the screen: in-car footage of noted real-world driver HJ Stuck as he...

By Cheat Code Central on 80

Realism certainly has its place in video games; it’s an ideal many developers push towards and a feature players typically come to expect as technology advances. However, there are times when striving to make the experience a little too realistic...

By ImpulseGamer on 85

Howard BourkeClassification: G8.5GTR EvolutionGTR Evolution is developed by acclaimed game developers SimBin that allows gamers to race a plethora of real world vehicles in a variety of different gaming environments. Best of all, the title also...