Reviewers Liked

  • Combat has a nice flow and consistent framerate, Lots of stories to tell, The Dealer carries the game well
  • Embraces roleplaying's tabletop roots, Diverse array of challenges, Some fun dialogue and scenarios, Good amount of content for $30
  • The excellent hybrid deckbuilding/action combat of the first game, only with a lot more variety and polish. The Dealer is best game master
  • A vast improvement of the original game's mechanics and progression style, Learning how the cards work and building your personal deck is rewarding, Great variety in the mission design and the cards themselves, Anthony Skordi portrays the Dealer excellent

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Individual stories a blur, Transitions freeze every single time
  • Overly dependent on luck, Punishment for death is too harsh, Deck building doesn't feel empowering, Combat is a swing and a miss
  • The challenge of strength is a jerk. Luck is fickle, Developer
  • Some mission and cards rely too heavily on luck, Dying at the end of a long, challenging mission can be frustrating