Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Expert reviews and ratings

By V3.co.uk on 60

Occasionally enjoyable, but something only fans of the film will truly...

By Expert Reviews on 60

The teen wizard waves his wand once more. Not perfect by any means, but theres fun to be had here and Potter fans will love it. Oh joy, another piece of Potter merchandise. Electronic Arts Potter games have exceeded expectations, though that...

By Sydney Morning Herald on 50

A screen grab from the new game. Harry Potters latest magical adventure is available on all gaming formats to cash in on the buzz surrounding the new flick but we chose the Wii because Nintendos magic wand controller seems a perfect...

By PC Advisor on 80

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix suggests the series is finally pointed in the right direction by cracking open the series' beloved venues and in several cases, replicating the film's vision in exquisite detail (including all the lovely...

By IGN Gear on 73

Harry Potter, youre my hero. Sure, youve defeated a three-headed dog and a giant snake in your movies, but now, youre pulling off magic tricks in real life -- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the first movie tie-in videogame of the...

By itreviews.com on

a wizard game: If Harry Potter happened to be a real adolescent wizard, you could forget all that Wingardium Leviosa nonsense. Hed have found some far more interesting and useful spells to cast. Like Bum-fluffium Begonius for example, or...

By Expert Reviews on 60

Theres a nagging feeling that this adaptation of the latest Harry Potter movie is actually quite a good game - as third-person adventures licensed from films go, at least. The trouble is that it doesnt feel as if it was intended for the PC. Games...

By V3.co.uk on 60

The boy wizard?s fifth movie outing gets the EA games tie-in...