Reviewers Liked

  • Each act has a slightly different environment, Interesting thematic ideas, Multiple ways forward
  • Warped 1950s-inspired design creates an unsettling atmosphere, Reactive obstacles adds a twist to familiar stealth gameplay
  • A promisingenough premise, Your neighbor's house is charmingly wacky

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Graphically and visually unimpressive, Problematic physics and controls, Unintuitive puzzles, Unsatisfying gameplay loop
  • Controls are unintuitive and convoluted, Obtuse storytelling, Inconsistent AI, No discernable logic to puzzles, Lacks tension and excitement
  • “Advanced AI” is easy to outwit, Clunky, poorlyexplained controls, Annoyingly arbitrary puzzle design, Outofplace platforming segments, Overrun with glitches, Ugly as sin