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Expert reviews and ratings

By BrightHub on 40

If you are looking for a game with the graphics of a cartoon,and the cheesy drama-laden plot of a bad soap opera, then this is the game for you. If thats not your cup of tea though, you will want to pass it on by. It is arguably one of the worst...

By on 60

Developer: Deep Red GamesPublisher: CodemastersGenre: Business SimulationRelease Date: June 2007The Bottom Line: "Hospital Tycoon" comes with packed with entertaining patients and hospital storylines. The humor isn’t enough to outweigh the limited...

By Expert Reviews on 40

Play doctors and nurses on your PC. Even the young uns will get bored with this pretty quickly. At least its cheap. If you want a super-serious hospital management simulation, this isnt it. Instead, you get a cartoon hospital filled with quirky...

By Sydney Morning Herald on 20

Hospital Tycoon The prognosis was promising: take a hit hospital simulation from 1997, update it to modern standards, add some soap-opera-style melodrama and a healthy dose of The Sims. After extensive tests in the Icon lab, however,...

By Gameguru Mania on 50

Hospital Tycoon(hx) 04:48 PM EDT - Jun,17 2007 Developed by Deep Red Games, Hospital Tycoon is a medical-themed simulation game in which you manage a hospital from a god view. Each different hospital is staffed by medical teams and is packed with ill...

By Atomic MPC on 60

For:Very customisable Pretty graphics Vomiting sims Easy learning curve Against:Little control over the hospital economy Levels too short No Tannoy No...

By IT Reviews on

like Theme Hospital, but less healthy: The word Tycoon has been attached to so many games now that its like branding: you always know what youre going to get. Nearly always set in a sizable institution or large company (hotels, railways, pizza...

By Expert Reviews on 40

Hospital Tycoon is a resource-management and problem-solving strategy game (like Sim City or Theme Park) set in the middle of a zany hospital soap opera. It tries hard to be funny, but the humour mostly misses the mark, and the game lacks any real...