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Expert reviews and ratings

By Gameplay Monthly on 58

The weapons and enemies in K&L can be lacking in excitement, this is perhaps because the game keeps them down to earth. You do not get any super weapons or enemies. The arsenal ranges from pistols and sub-machine guns to shotguns and RPGs. The...

By 1Up on 50

Hate cops? Kane & Lynch's designers sure hope so -- butchering pork is a major pastime for the titular "heroes" of this third-person shooter from IO Interactive. Of course, you'll kill plenty of criminals, too. And civilians. And security...

By Sydney Morning Herald on 60

Game characters are often mute ciphers, stereotypes or one-dimensional cartoon cut-outs. Intriguing anti-heroes Kane and Lynch, however, provide a memorable pairing in an intense and abrasive action adventure. Hollywood likes them, too: their...

By IGN Gear on 70

Kane & Lynch may have one of the most unfortunate titles in the history of games. Although the name may inspire thoughts of racial injustice, IO Interactives spiritual successor to Freedom Fighters and follow up to Hitman: Blood Money has nothing to...

By VideoGamer on 70

Unique coop play, Strong characters, A little rough in places, Too many ups and...

By Cheat Code Central on 68

After years of delivering satisfying stealth-based gaming with their Hitman series, Io Interactive trades the premeditated sneaky kills of Agent 47 for the orchestrated chaos and carnage of the titular death-dealing duo of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men....

By Games Radar on 60

Nov 16, 2007On paper, this game should be incredible. It’s got two uniquely grizzled anti-heroes, an impeccable developer (IO, of Hitman fame) and loads of Michael Mann-inspired set-pieces (more on that later). The main men are Kane, a death row...

By IT Reviews on

Good concept, sloppy execution. When Kane & Lynch holds together, its exceptionally entertaining. But it doesnt gel enough to make it worth going out of your way for. Eidos - Kane & Lynch: Dead Men price Buy Kane & Lynch: Dead Men securely online...

By Stuff NZ on

Deep down, Kane and Lynch isnt a bad game -- it just needed a little more spit and polish to make it a great game. Its a tale of two death-row mercenaries whose lives become intertwined after they meet during a ride in the same prison van, which is...

By Play TM on

Sick of the usual hero-villain dynamic, where the good guy always wins through while the bad guy falls off a cliff/crashes in a vehicle/is blown up amid maniacal laughter? So are developers IO Interactive by the look of things, hence Kane & Lynch:...

International Review By Digitale-Generation on 79

Das Spiel ist gut - keine Frage. Doch über die Art und Weise auf der man hier seine Ziele erreichen muss ließe sich, sagen wir mal - kontrovers diskutieren. Entwickler I/O Interactive hat hier eine Idee verarbeitet, die zwar interessant, aber...