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By Strategy Informer on 60

If not for this website's stringent editing process and required world limits, I could do this review in one sentence; it's another LEGO game. Because I'm a true professional, however, I'm going to dig a little deeper. LEGO The Hobbit is the latest in...

By on 60

As much as Lego The Hobbit was inevitable - as well the last words Bilbo would ever want to hear while being flown around by those eagles - it does rather beg the question: "Wait, now ?" We're only two thirds of the way through the unnecessarily bloated...

By Sydney Morning Herald on

DateMay 4, 2014 - 12:00AM (29) Read later Advertisement With more than a dozen very similar Lego games released in the past decade based on cash cows such as , and , it's easy to be cynical. film franchise isn't even finished and a Lego...

International Review By Level 7 on 60

Tänk om alla utvecklare var lika flitiga som TT Games. Då kunde vi ha njutit av klassiker som Assassin’s Creed 1969, Call of Duty 1337 och FIFA 2099 vid det här laget. Riktigt så illa är det kanske inte, men att det redan pumpats ut tre Lego-spel till...

International Review By on 75

Kai Schmidt: Kennt man ein Legospiel, kennt man alle. Trotz einiger neuer Elemente wie dem Crafting kleinerer und größerer Objekte trifft das auch auf LEGO Der Hobbit zu. Die Spielmechanik ist größtenteils überraschungsarm und kopiert das spaßige Chaos...

International Review By on 74

Lego The Hobbit won't surprise fans of the Lego series, but the new gameplay systems add just enough complexity to keep things interesting. New events and mining opportunities make exploration of the open world almost as fun as the main missions. The...

International Review By on

Карточка игры В последнее время, однако, студия Traveller's Tales выдавала один хит за другим – начиная с лучшей в серии (и уже упомянутой) LEGO Batman 2 и заканчивая проектами по «Пиратам Карибского моря» и вселенной Marvel. Ни одного проходного...

International Review By on

The Lord of the Rings was "lego-fied", so why not give The Hobbit the same treatment? Travellers Tales' Lego: The Hobbit is based on the first two movies and sends gamers off on a quest in solving puzzles and breaking enemy forces with lego bricks. - By...

International Review By on

A meno di due mesi di distanza dalla release di The Lego Movie videogame, TT Games debutta con un altro titolo dedicato alle celebri costruzioni danesi, Lego lo Hobbit, disponibile dal 11 aprile su praticamente tutte le piattaforme , Xbox One, Xbox 360,...