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Expert reviews and ratings

By Games Radar on 40

A real shame. It's a good concept for a game, let down by poor gameplay and a story that isn't interesting or told well enough to seek...

By on 70

One of the things that can be hard to keep in mind about space travel - especially when there are rockets going off and thick clouds of exhaust obscuring the horizon - is that this stuff is mainly about economy. As the ground shakes and the birds...

By GameInformer on 73

The aspects of Lifeless Planet that succeed elevate it past the technical shortcomings, but only so far. You will find a compelling world and a story worth experiencing, but you do so at the expense of well-polished animation and gameplay that hinders the overall experience.

By PCGamer on 60

Regretfully, I cannot. It begins brilliantly, but by the end it's become an overlong slog. The platforming and puzzle-solving is simplistic, there’s far too much pointless walking around, and most disappointing of all, its promising story stumbles to an incomplete and almost incoherent conclusion.

By PC Gamer on 60

The previews looked fantastic, but the final release of Lifeless Planet fails to build that potential into a worthy...

International Review By on 56

Patrick Mittler: Schade um die surreale Raumfahrer-Mär: Lifeless Planet wirkt wie ein ganz netter Sci-Fi-Roman, der sehr ungelenk in ein Spielegerüst gequetscht und dann wie Kaugummi auf die maximal mögliche Länge gezogen wurde. Rückblickend fallen mir...

International Review By on

C'è un qualcosa, un qualche spunto, che spinge a pensare che Lifeless Planet sia un gioco decisamente valido: ci riferiamo soprattutto all'ambientazione spesso suggestiva e misteriosa. Questo importante elemento, però, non riesce sempre a sostenere il...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Für einen Moment waren wir von der Beta von „Lifeless Planet“ etwas enttäuscht: So linear, so konventionell, so auf Trigger und kleine Zwischensequenzen bedacht fällt der Titel aus? „Edgy“ geht irgendwie anders.Lässt der Spieler sich trotzdem auf die...