Reviewers Liked

  • Multiplayer can be exciting, the monster designs are strange but imaginative
  • Entertaining co-op mode, Wanderers are challenging enemies
  • Musical tributes to previous Konami games, from Contra to Policenauts and Zone of the Enders, in hidden cassette tapes, Resources become much more manageable with later base progression, Wave defense and horde modes are much better with friends, While the

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Sudden genre change simply doesn't work, progression is a tiresome grind, a lack of checkpoints artificially extends playtime, dull characters, and repetitive gameplay
  • Tedious gameplay and survival elements, Dull visuals, Iffy movement controls and combat, Microtransactions, Requires constant internet connection
  • Early game can be slow and punishing between little food supplies and limited defensive resources, Much of the interesting secrets are hidden in the back half of the game after the credits roll, Onlineonly requirement, even when playing through the campai