Reviewers Liked

  • Cool espionage theme, No attacks of chance, Strategic combat/spy games mix
  • Voice acting is great and is appropriately in multiple languages, Lots of management aspects that are neat to dive into, The style of the game matches the era, The investigation board with the clues is awesome and feels like spy work
  • Realistic Cold War setting, Deep spy story with interesting twists, Masterfully crafted tactical gameplay with a variety of options, Customization features, Complex and involving mechanics
  • Incredibly well-realized Cold War espionage setting carries builds a strong identity of paranoia, Sprawling single-player campaigns containing three different perspectives, Several intricate strategy and tactical mechanics create a deep and well-balanced

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Drawnout investigations, Long loading between turns
  • Combat is not fun or fair, Loading times can be long
  • Which sometimes get too complex, Menu system is difficult to navigate with a joypad, Graphics and performance, while sufficient, are quite far from being the best seen this generation
  • Graphics and art style fall short