Reviewers Liked

  • Very fun and challenging puzzles, lots of hints to use and very different from other Telltale games
  • Offers more solid puzzles to solve, including additional types; wraps up many of the mysteries of Scoggins; slicker production values with more animation
  • Puzzles are better explained this time around, Distinctive, comicbook artwork, Kooky, compelling characters brought to life with outstanding voice acting

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • A confusing plot and a bit too short
  • Storyline gets unnecessarily muddled with glossedover explanations; still suffers from the occasional obtuse puzzle; the game is short and the series' personality isn't as immediately apparent
  • Story doesn't stray far from that in the original Puzzle Agent, Similar puzzles to those found in the last game, Plot is weighed down by a ton of unnecessary dialogue