Reviewers Liked

  • Some beautiful environments and effects, Fun, accessible melee combat, Variety of gameplay styles can be exhilarating
  • Gratuitous violence, Rewarding combat, Visually pleasing levels
  • Combat is visceral and very gratifying, delivering on the tagline of “violence awakened”, The game offers a variety of entertaining and interesting ways to kill enemies and looks good while doing so
  • Visceral action, looks good, sounds gory

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Level design leaves much to be desired, Graphics look washed out and blurry from time to time, Difficulty curve too dependent on number, not types of enemies, Camera style makes combat feel detached
  • Unexpected difficulty spikes, Gets repetitive before it's over, No multiplayer or replayability
  • The story is downright crazy and doesn't adequately introduce characters, plot threads or anything else in the game, Hugely fluctuating difficulty level annoys at best. The levels themselves feature a rollercoaster ride from downright easy to insanely har
  • Odd animations, 'meh' story, poorly optimised