Samurai Warriors 2




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By DarkZero on 60

Spears, swords, guns and a variety of other sharp objects? It must be Samurai Warriors 2 for the PC.I, like many others am a huge sucker for Koei, every iteration of their games from Kessen to Dynasty Warriors; I lap up whatever they produce no matter...

By Strategy Informer on 47

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Samurai Warriors 2 is no different. You pick a character and get chopping. Despite this distinct lack of imagination, they sell ridiculously well. They literally print money for the developers. The unusual...

By Fusion Mods on 80

If you have never played koeis warriors series of games, they are a 3D beat em up / hack and slash fighting game where you play through historical battles as an officer of army but because most of the time you army just stands around, you have to...

International Review By on

ProContra1 2 3 4...