Reviewers Liked

  • Redefines the FPS genre, Players have the same equipment for an even playing field, Beautiful graphics, Fun, fun and more fun, Zero Gravity combat for the win!
  • Unique space setting and easytouse controls, Features like zero gravity and stealth add depth to combat, Atmospheric outer space visuals
  • ZeroG gameplay, Downright jaw dropping, Outstanding NetCode
  • Graphically stunning, zerogravity brings a very refreshing twist to the genre

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Only four levels that look very similar, Limited modes of gameplay, High system requirements, Can be tough to play at first
  • Demanding system requirements that include Windows 7 or Vista, Only four maps and three modes of play
  • Only 1 main weapon, Only 4 maps, Takes a powerful system to run on high
  • Some levels seem too large and have you spend more time looking for a fight than actually fighting