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Space Force: Rogue Universe

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Expert reviews and ratings

By GamePyre on 68

Overall, this game has good potential and could bring you hours of fun IF: (1) youre a hardcore space and SCI-FI fan who wants to role-play a pilots life in space (human or alien), (2) have just way too much free time on your hands. For the average...

By ImpulseGamer on 80

Kyle SudukisClassification: M15+8.0Space Force: Rogue Universe is one those classic space RPG-strategy games where the player creates their own avatar and flies through an amazing 3D universe as they indulge themselves in a variety of campaigns....

By IGN Gear on 51

Its too bad Space Force: Rogue Universe isnt a better game, since we dont see much of this genre anymore. If youre one of those gamers who salivates at the chance to explore tracts of polychromatic cosmos, you probably dont care about details -...

By GameZone on 70

With the current drought of good space sims on the PC closing in on the decade mark, SpaceForce: Rogue Universe is an encouraging title in concept for fans of the long-ignored genre. The game presents the player with two separate and vastly different...

By Strategy Informer on 77

Given as the nature of space is, well, lots and lots of space – the visuals for many systems are incredible, especially if you’ve got the hardware to back it up. The full variety of planets, nebulae, wrecks and other phenomenon are wonderful...

By IT Reviews on

like Elite, only not as good: The universe is a harsh and uncaring place at times. Its deepest parts are bleak, vast expanses of cold vacuum where emptiness chills the very soul. Well, if there were anyone around it would. But compared...