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Expert reviews and ratings

By PCGamer on 60

But as endearingly bizarre as I find Spintires, and as much as I admire the technology, I can’t say I really ever enjoyed it. There are moments of what I could loosely call excitement - like almost rolling over and spilling my load just metres from the delivery point, or thinking I was crossing a shallow pond only to become totally submersed in a river- but they're few and far between. Mostly I just find myself swearing at mud.

By PCGamesN on 60

A muddy, messy and fun tech demo that gingerly touches on a deeply held love of playing in the dirt that you might have forgotten about.

By Gamer NO on 80

Uansett er Spintires et spill jeg har storkost meg med i skremmende mange timer, og som jeg ikke planlegger å legge bort med det første. Med rik støtte for brukerskapt ekstrainnhold gleder jeg meg dessuten til å se hva spillermiljøet finner på nå som fullversjonen endelig er tilgjengelig.

By Saving Content on 70

But what a fine tech demo it is, producing the most realistic simulation of physics, water, mud, tree, and use of mechanisms like cranes and winches to date. The freedom and incredible challenge from the moment you start your engine is unique and unlike any other game out there, and it’s a shame there’s not much more to it that makes it easier to recommend.

International Review By pcmasters.de on 78

Das Spiel mach eine sehr gute Figur, überzeugt mit allem was versprochen wird. Die Offroad-Action kommt nicht zu kurz, sondern steht voll im Fokus, durchdrehende Reifen sind das Tagesgeschäft eines jeden LKW-Fahrers in Spintires und auch die Grafik macht...

International Review By gamestar.de on 70

Christian Weigel: Als Holzlasterchauffeur irgendwo in der sibirischen Walachei ist das Fahren auf jedem Meter ein Kampf gegen den Schlamm. Ich habe das Gefühl, ich müsste meinen Truck mit purer Muskelkraft in der Spur halten. Eine tolle Illusion, die...