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Tycoon City: New York

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Published April 7th 2006. Written by Thomas McDermott. “…and love dares you to care for people on the edge of the night and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves this is our last dance. This is ourselves…”...

By DarkZero on

(PC)Youve been given the task to give the businesses the citizens of New York City long for. You wouldnt think that this would be an easy thing to do. Ah, but with "Tycoon City: New York" it is simple. In fact, its very easy.To recreate New York...

By About.com on

Contruct new houses and businesses as you swell your property portfolio. Sounds easy eh? Atari has introduced a competitive edge by limiting the areas in which you are allowed to build. Each section has several options to complete before you can...

By Expert Reviews on

Spec: Strategy, Strategy - business, Strategy - city management, 1 Player, Teen By cnet on


Ah, New York, the Big Apple! I was fortunate enough to visit New York last summer with my husband for a week, and it was wonderful. I was the typical tourist, rubbernecking and gawking up at the buildings as we walked around. I loved everything about...

By GameZone on

If you think you could create something better than New Yorks skyline, Tycoon City: New York gives you the chance to try, as its your job to build a property empire in the Big Apple. The road layout comes in place, so you cant completely change...

By Expert Reviews on

run businesses in the Big Apple: New York, New York, its a wonderful town... providing you arent being mugged, of course. Or shot. That can really take the zing out of an otherwise top night out. Still, wed rather be both mugged...

By IT Reviews on