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Expert reviews and ratings

By GamingShogun on 80

I recently lost a couple of my favorite, long-running free-to-play games on the PC, Battlefield Heroes, which was cartoonish but loaded with customization, and Battlefield Play-For-Free, which had the quality of a Battlefield game with F2P...

By PCGamer on 58

If a free competitive game on PC is what you're looking for, look further; we've got lots of them. This is a game with tame ambitions that manages to achieve a few of them. There's merit there, I suppose, but not enough to warrant a recommendation.

By PC Gamer on 58

A middling contender in the most oversubscribed genre around. Trades too hard on being...

By GameSpot on 60

Considering Warface is a sharp-looking game that you can play for free in your Web browser, you might be inclined to overlook some of its minor faults. The collaborative dynamic of co-op missions is the real draw, but the generic presentation and uninspired competitive combat don't take enough risks to push beyond what you've see done before.

International Review By gamestar.de on 61

Jochen Gebauer: Klappern gehört zum Handwerk, heißt es. Ich habe also ein gewisses Verständnis dafür, dass Crytek im Vorfeld nicht sagte: Wir machen einen Fließband-Shooter und stülpen ihm unsere Cry-Engine über. Aber das Blaue vom Triple-A-Himmel...

International Review By wired.it on

C'era una volta, quando il modello free to play era ancora tutto da scoprire, un FPS online completamente gratuito che, di fatto, poteva tranquillamente essere definito un capolavoro: America's Army. Il gioco, simulativo e di una profondità...

International Review By Gamezoom.net on

Bereits in der Closed-Beta macht Warface einen sehr guten Eindruck. Das Klassensystem in Kombination mit dem schnellen Gameplay kann auf Anhieb überzeugen. Darüber hinaus motivieren die zahlreichen Upgrades zum Weiterspielen. Für ausreichend Abwechslung...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on

Trion Worlds und Crytek haben Warface auf der Gamescom vorgestellt, denn der Free-2-Play-Shotter soll endlich auch nach Nord-Amerika, Europa, der Türkei, Australien und Neuseeland kommen. Die Kollegen von PC Games haben den Titel kurz anspielen können...