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By Gaming Nexus on 23

The combination of a Mad Max type setting with the driving equivalent of a twin stick shooter sounds like a promising premise. Unfortunately, too many detours seemed to have been taken along Wasteland Angel's production avoiding any routes for an...

By IGN Gear on 50

There's certainly something to be said for the simple, uncomplicated approach in gaming. This is where Wasteland Angel dwells, and for brief, manic encounters at an affordable price it will suffice. But if attributes such as intrigue, originality,...

By Gamers Daily News on 70

I feel sorry for people who look down on indie games. I have played a lot of big name titles this year from big developers, and a lot of independent releases from small companies. Nine times out of ten, the big companies are motivated by profits and...

By Icrontic on

Wasteland Angel is a new arcade-style shooter from Meridian4. The player takes on the role of the eponymous hero, riding into the wasteland in her heavily modified vehicle to combat the villains of the wasteland and protect the peaceful towns which...

By GamingShogun on

Wasteland Angel is a top-down, isometric arcade shooter developed by Meridian 4 & Octane Games. Wasteland Angel takes place after World War III, which has turned the planet into a wasteland full of hostile gangs and mutants. The game focuses around...