Reviewers Liked

  • Full power at 45 C, Load regulation, Efficiency, Low ripple, Silent, Fully modular, Unique look, Quality caps, Holdup time, FDB fan, Semipassive, Warranty
  • Delivered full power at 45°C, Efficient, Tight load regulation, Good ripple suppression, Silent operation, Pretty good performance in Advanced Transient Response tests, Quality caps, FDB fan, Long hold-up time, Selectable semi-passive operation, Fully mod
  • Unique glosswhite finish with silver and gold accents, Silent, fanless operation at low to mid power levels (Hybrid S3FC Fan Control), Quiet operation at mid to upper power levels, Outstanding voltage regulation, Excellent efficiency across a broad range

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Position of the fan mode switch, Black modular cables instead of white ones, Can be noisy under stress
  • High MSRP, Fan-mode selection switch is in an inconvenient location, Once highly stressed, the fan can be noisy, White modular cables would be ideal for this PSU
  • Quiet fan profile results in higher operating temperatures, Unique white color may not appeal to everyone