Reviewers Liked

  • Excellent print quality, Portable
  • Fully charged battery can print up to 100 photos. Estimated 200year print life when photos are stored in an album. Relatively low 25cent cost per print
  • Easy to use, Cheap ink and paper packs
  • Easy to use; affordable ink and paper packs
  • Competitive pricing for printer and consumables; superb photo output; easy to set up, use
  • Fast. Low price per photo. High-quality 4- by 6-inch output. Long-lived photos

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Battery not included, Bluetooth optional, Limited onboard photo editing
  • Can’t print from USB flash drives. Needs pricey battery and bag to be truly “portable.” Can only print up to 4×6inch size
  • Slow
  • Print speeds are on the slow side
  • Supports 4x6-inch photos only, not 5x7; few feature improvements over previous models
  • Can't print from USB memory keys. Relatively big and heavy